Mission Statement

Bear Paw Distribution enhances the quality of life for every shopper through superior manufacturing of exceptional products that are as innovative and individual as our consumers.

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"Do something TODAY that your FUTURE self will thank you for."

Bear Paw Distribution was born from a need to follow a passion for business and is continually fueled by the call for well-made, unique products.

Our company umbrellas a family of companies that runs the gamut: from BBQ supplies provided by BBQ Butler to IKOS children’s toys that inspire and minimalistic everyday carry Crabby Wallets and more. We have something for everyone and can completely cut out the middleman because Bear Paw Distribution is a manufacturer direct supplier.

We are a small Utah distributor who is constantly looking to support like-minded businesses in their pursuit of tomorrow. Dive into our catalogs. See what we offer. We are happy to answer any questions and provide guidance along the way.

Join us and prepare yourself for thanks down the road!

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